UXO Survey with 4 vehicle towed magnometric systems
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Company E-W Trade Ltd., s.r.o. was founded in 2000, primarily to trade in the means of detection and retrieval of improvised explosive devices.

Company is a foreign trade targeted to Latin America and the Arabian Peninsula. In addition to his own business in this field also look for business opportunities for other Czech companies and help them with the application in local markets.

In 2009 the company acquired the concession for the purchase and sale of explosives.

In 2010 the company acquired license for foreign trade with military materials.

Since 2011 part of the company specialize in Service works in partnership cooperation with Destrux s.r.o., we specialize in magnetometric surveys on land, water level (for smaller depths) and underwater. We have our own equipment from hand held devices to large car towed system with DGPS positioning.

In 2012 the company acquired a license to perform pyrotechnic survey (EOD works).