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EOD works, humanitarian demining and explosives

Our main specialization is magnetometric surveys:

  • On land from small areas (by hand held magnetometers) to very large areas by car towed system(s) with DGPS positioning with 1cm accuracy.

  • Shallow waters measurements with DPGS positioning.
  • Deep underwater seabed survey for future wind farms, pipelines, etc.

We can provide from simple area measurement, data interpretation, and technical supervision to full project support, including EOD clearance with our own EOD specialist.

In cooperation with our partnership company Destrux, s.r.o. which is in business since 1990, we provide a comprehensive range of services across the whole area of explosives and pyrotechnics –from research and development, training and education, blasting works and explosive ordnance disposal at home and abroad to training special dogs to detect drugs, weapons and explosives, and including forensic expertise.

FOR more details please see our partnership company Destrux WEB.

Non-invasive archaeological survey

With use of special magnetometric sensors, subsequent processing and evaluation of measured data on a PC, print maps with aimed anomalies; localization findings using DGPS system with centimetre accuracy. The main advantage of this method of measurement, is the speed and accuracy of finding anomalies.