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Underwater Survey

As part of international multidisciplinary professional team we can offer you full support for special offshore operations. We are co-operating with best-in-class partners providing underwater ROV (underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle) support, precise positioning systems and special 3D magnetometers for seabed survey and evaluation.

Specialized primarily in EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) branch we are working with top-class 3D multi-channel system providing excellent tool for magnetic measurements of soil structures in marine and offshore applications. Having a scalable structure, the system can be easily integrated in existing infrastructures such as vessels, ROVs or ROTVs (Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle) due to its default data transfer protocol. Thus is can be used with various software solutions such as QINSy, NaviScan and Hypack. The 3D system corresponds not only to the demands of precise data acquisition in underwater applications, but is also highly compatible and can be easily integrated into existing profiles.

Using the D-GPS navigation system of centimetre accuracy for vessel positioning and USBL underwater acoustic positioning for ROV control we achieve more than sufficient locating of interest objects in depth standardly up to ca 300 m (other depth rating is solved on request). With magnetic sensors sensitivity range we can detect and identify object from (ship workshop) spanner to whole ship wreck, including many types of UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) of course.

Capability and productivity of this equipment configuration and team co-operation were fully tested and confirmed during reference projects ͞Hohe See͟ and ͞Kriegers Flak͟– measuring of seabed for UXO cleaning for future safe windfarm foundations construction. Although the UXO detection is our principal specialization, these systems could be easily used for pipeline tracking and archaeological prospection as well.

We are looking forward to co-operation with you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.